Sell! Sell! Gets Serious With ProSpreads

ProSpreads is a company with a serious product aimed at a very small but high-worth audience. They sit at the very top of the spread betting market, providing a professional-level platform for experienced, professional traders.

The most compelling part of what their platform offers is direct access to market prices - different to most spread betting platforms which create their own 'fake' market. We decided to make this the focus of the first wave of advertising, and did so by posing a negative question - Are you spread betting without direct market access? - it's a technique in this case used to nudge traders to critically assess the shortfalls of the spread betting platforms they are currently using, compared to the platforms they use every day to trade. It's often more powerful to suggest is someone is being denied something, and than to simply offer it. ProSpreads are the only platform that can then fulfil the desire for direct access.

We created very pithy print advertising targeting directly through City AM and financial publications, supported by tactically bought outdoor around the city. We developed a stripped-back look and a direct tone, with a heavy black border on all print work for impact – deliberately quite the opposite of the current fashion for full-bleed, touchy-feely photography and language favoured by financial brands.

This was supported by a series of short TV commercials running on the Bloomberg channel (which almost all traders have running throughout the day in their offices). The ads show simple sequences where a trader or city type mysteriously finds, or is handed by a stranger, a simple card, letter-pressed with the question Are you spread betting without direct market access?

Simultaneously, we used the actors from the TV commercials to actually go around the city, discretely handing the very same cards to traders and city types. Bringing to life, in person, what the trader had seen on TV.

The launch was followed up by another targeted press ad about direct market access, and subsequently by executions aimed at arcade traders encouraging them to use the ProSpreads platform, which focus on the lack of the compromises they normally have to suffer when using a spread betting platform.

It's fun to get serious now and again.


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