The Good And The Bad Of Web Design

This is no great opus on web design, but it just happened that we came across two sites within the space of a day that seemed to represent the best and worst of the current state of web design.

First, the good: a site to advertise the position of Rich Silverstein's assistant. It's simple, it has an idea behind it, it's well written, and uses clever web coding sparingly and appropriately to make the experience better.

Now, the bad: a site that, well I'm not really sure - it's clearly something about butchers or a meat-based product but you're a better man than me if you can be arsed to find out. A clear case of technique and execution drowning the point of the site. I'm actually interested in finding out what this product is, but the way the site is put together makes it really difficult. This dynamic vertical scrolling technique is being hammered to death, and if there isn't really a reason for it, as in this case, it just ends up looking like a digital agency's vanity project. Over wrought and annoying. To whoever put this together, I'd just say remember this old chestnut - because it's as true in web design as anything else - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should".


  1. Silverstein comes across as something of a shit head.

  2. "I'm actually interested in finding out what this product is"

    Are you serious? The front page says: "Quality flavors for quality meat".

    When you scroll or click your way to "about", you get this: "Our family’s been crafting marinades, seasonings and sauces for the Great British butcher for over 35 years".
    And further scrolling/clicking takes you through the range of flavors available.

    I hope this helps.

    Content-wise, the two sites are pretty much in completely different leagues, so basically this seems to be quite a basic apples & oranges situation.

    Or was the actual point you were trying to make, that one site is more interesting and engaging than the other? That I can agree with.

  3. Over-complicated, unnecessary nonsense. Was pretty much the gist.