Go, be righteous.

We've been in research mode here at Sell! Towers digging out reference for a new project - and have noticed a distinct trend amongst contemporary Advertising that we're fondly dubbing the 'Over-sincere-close-your-eyes-and-wank-over-existence' genre.

Being British (and as I don't work in PR or prostitution) - there are periods of my day when I'm not grinning from ear to ear projecting how stoked I am with being. On the whole though, life is not that bad : I often have more than 2 types of cheese in my fridge at home, my co-workers frequently make me coffee without prompting, and my girlfriend has nice hair. 

But after watching some TV - I'm starting to think I'm perhaps not doing something properly and a shadow of what I could be. Should I be diving off a cliff, dancing playfully in a forest and filling every inch of my neck with tattoos? T'would seem that enjoying some eggs on toast followed by Beethoven's 5th is not seizing the moment enough according to some Strategy Director.

There's projecting an aspirational brand image, or offering up that 'Happiness is a Hamlet' - but these are assuming the population are miserable under-fulfilled closet molluscs.


  1. I first need to live to make memories? Gee Renault, thanks! That never ever fucking occurred to me!

  2. Dear Renault,

    Do Fuck Off.



  3. I think comparing people in PR to prostitutes is grossly unfair.

    I'm just doing set-ups today, no punchlines.


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