Moving The Sun

Keep your eyes peeled for a short documentary called 'Moving The Sun' by artist Bobby Golding.

Really interesting idea and a top bloke.

"Moving the sun is a short documentary about a small town in Norway called Rjukan. For 6 months every year the sun doesn't rise high enough over the mountains to light the town that lies in the valley below.
The film asks the audience, what must it be like psychologically to live in an environment where half of your life is spent in the shadows, living through winters that reach -20 degrees.
Through beautiful cinematic shots we explore the town and the hostile landscape that surrounds it. With honest and thought-provoking interviews from the artist behind Rjukans's sun mirror project, residents of the town and experts in the field of seasonal psychology, we will capture the crucial essence of what it means to live in Rjukan."

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