Skateboarding ads are guff

With the exception of Lakai of course. A more detailed look at the standard of skateboarding advertising coming soon. Ish.


  1. The 3rd video is the reason why big brands will never do anything different/exciting for their big products with their big guidelines and their big egos.

    "HURR DURR, we can't show people using our product getting hurt!"

    Which makes me want to work for small unknown brands with next to no budget and do some fucking great ads for them. Excuse my french.

  2. Sorry, meant the 4th one.

  3. I've always loved this gem they had Spike Jonze shoot for their Fully Flared video:

  4. yeah lakai are rad
    they probably out of all skate companies have bigger budgets and the best resources available (Spike Jonze Andy Jenkins etc). Print ads are all the same though,
    all wallpaper these days.

    any sell sell peeps ride?
    if you do you'll know that the only people that try and do things a little different are anti hero.
    Powell used to try back in the day when Stecyck was the art director


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