Tiny hamster eating a burrito

Coming to a television screen near you soon. A television advert featuring a hamster eating some small food in an attempt to emotionally engage you with a brand that has sweet FA to do with hamsters, or food, in a vain attempt to imbue their brand with joy, or happiness, or cuteness or something . They'll even make little hamster toys with mini food objects to give away via the social medias and make stupid clothing featuring the tiny hamsters. Probably.

If you liked that, you'll like this one where another little fella is munching on a pizza.


  1. Chipotle - where hamsters go for lunch.

  2. So this is the relevant content everyone is going on about.

    I'll be dead in a decade (or sooner).

    I'm bragging, not complaining.

  3. One of these "let's get people all choked up" emotional briefs just landed on my desk. I'm absolutely utterly clueless as to how to come up with ideas when the whole brief makes no sense whatsoever.


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