Unsung Bacon Story

So you think bacon is a meat product that comes exclusively from a pig, do you?

Time to think again.

Apparently, there is such a thing called turkey bacon.

This is a neat way to use advertising to promote this fact.


  1. Someone needs to stop watching Wes Anderson films.

  2. Stylistically identical to everything Anderson does, in terms of art direction, framing and editing. Even the sibling rivalry concept. I'm not saying they should have ripped-off Tarkovsky instead, but I'm getting a little tired of his schtick being recycled as some kind of visual short-hand for "quirkiness".

    (Here's another one look).


    Apart from that, I'm happy.

  3. Ah. It's good though, isn't it? Filmic-style peculiarities aside?

  4. IMHO, it's about 1:18 too long. Really, I get the joke, in ten seconds. The less famous bacon. Get in and out.


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