Mediocrity With An Occasional Invigorating Splash Of Ineptitude

Traditionally, today would be dominated by images of the England national football team manager's head paired with some kind of fruit or vegetable. Sadly, this year there is a distinct paucity of such. There are two possible reasons for this; one, our treasured national dailies are distracted by some other goings-on in the international footballing competition, or two, they're letting the current England head honcho off the hook, despite the team's worst performance since Harold MacMillan was Prime Minister, a performance ubiquitously English Establishment in character: Mediocrity With An Occasional Invigorating Splash Of Ineptitude. Either way, it falls to us here at Sell! Towers to hastily fill this Hodgson/veg-shaped void with the below poorly constructed effort. (I hope the sharply-minded viewer notes our use of that most English of vegetable, the commonly over-cooked and dissatisfying cauliflower.) Bravo England FA!

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