I Am Hashtag Industry Talking Person

You can see me on YouTube, you can listen to me at a conference. You can read my piece online, on my blog, you can see me quoted on Twitter. I am Hashtag Industry Talking Person.

I arrange words into sentences. Long words, short words, fashionable words, clever-sounding words. Words like programmatic, or conversation, or real-time, or engagement.

My best sentences combine those words together into phrases, like real-time programmatic engagement.

Then I'll throw in a few predictions, well maybe not predictions as such, but I'll talk with authority about what the future will look like.

That will lead to sentences like in the future marketing will be a series of real-time programmatic engagements with the consumer.

I like saying consumer. Quite a lot. I make sure I get consumer into most of my sentences. And creativity. People like hearing the word creativity.

That's why I'll say things like future marketing will engage the consumer in real-time with programmatic creativity.

Brands is another good word. I use brands quite a lot, people pay attention when I say brands in sentences with the other words that I use.

I'll say, for example brands of the future will need to engage in real-time conversations with consumers.

These are some of my best sentences. Lots of people like to retweet these sentences, they'll often hashtag the initials of the latest conference or workshop that I'm talking at #strw #marconf – you get the idea.

I love it when they do that.

I don't make things, but sometimes I'm in a room with people who once made something. That's close enough for me. I don't like to get my hands dirty with making things. I'm more about the words. Hopefully these words provide inspiration for others. And fill column inches.

No, talking is more my thing, or writing down the things that I talk about.

I am Hashtag Industry Talking Person.

Hear me soon at a conference or workshop near you.


  1. I am Hashtag Conference Attendant. I don't make things, I don't even put words together. But my company sent me to this event to "live tweet". We need to up our social presence to get more engagement. So I just contribute to the noise, trying to piggyback on the Hashtag Industry Talking Person's words. I craft tweets like "Great insights from Hashtag ITP 1. Next on stage: Hashtag ITP 2. #IABengage"

  2. I'm the Assistant to the Hashtag Conference Attendant. I have a good degree form a red brink university and was quite excited to get a job at a marketing agency. I spend most of my time researching conferences that will be using hash tags in their live tweets that we feel fit well with our brand for the Conference Attendant to attend. I hope one day to attend these events too and eventually write tweets for a well down brand. It has never been more of an exciting time to work in marketing, or at least my #boss says so. I am very passionate about #brands #yolo #24/7+

  3. Cecil B. DeMille15 October 2014 at 13:45

    I'm actual creative person. If I ever see Hashtag Industry Talking Person on the street, I will very murder him. And take a selfie with his phone. And make up an incredibly witty and satirical hashtag for the picture. #WhereIsYourTweetNow

  4. I don't say this often.
    I wish I wrote that.

  5. I agree with George

  6. do you tell #stories too...?


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