Milton Glaser

Have a goosey at this interview of Milton Glaser with Steven Heller for Offset earlier this year. Milton Glaser has a lot of interesting things to say about today's world of graphic design and advertising.

I think he particularly hits the nail on the head when he talks about contemporary practitioners (his words, not mine) being fuelled by the idea of fame and riches rather than the pursuit of good work.

Milton Glaser in conversation with Steve Heller from OFFSET on Vimeo.


  1. Fame and riches aren't necessarily a bad thing, just the context of it. Fame for the brand or product you're promoting is a good thing. Riches for the client selling the advertised brand or product is also a good thing. Unfortunately the people who make the work in one of the ad factories of today realised that the only way to get something out of the business at the end of their career is to be paid the most ridiculous sum of of money. Because it's not about the work anymore. Hence the drive for personal fame and riches.

  2. To add to my comment above, creatives also took an 800% pay cut over the years, which also explains the drive to fame and riches. More here:

  3. That was brilliant.

    "The institutionalised commonality of everyones belief, the disregard for the real purpose and function of design in the culture, it's absurd...The idea that branding is the highest form of design is reprehensible and not only that it's simple minded...What nonsensical crap."


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