Dave Dye Talks To Lenny Sirowitz

If you work in advertising or marketing, or are student of either, there's only one place to spend your time on the internet today, and that isn't this blog, it's here - Dave Dye's fantastic interview with Lenny Sirowitz. Lenny, in Dave Dye's words: Hired by Bernbach in the fifties. Ran VW in the sixties. Set up his own shop in the seventies. Now in his eighties. One of the finest Art Directors ever.

This is inspirational stuff, a must read if you're in the business of coming up with and making advertising. I was blown away by the body of work. Such a huge amount of top drawer stuff. One of the biggest things I took out of them was the simplicity of thought, and the economy of both word and design. Any of these great ads would be the best ad in the paper or magazine if they ran today.

Please do head over there and feast your eyes and mind.

Just a taster...

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