2015 General Election Advertising: What Do You Think?

We are two days away from the general election here in the UK, and as the parties board their battle buses to tour the country, it seems like a fair time to reflect on the advertising.

Have you, dear readers, seen any advertising this year that has changed any view or opinion of yours, or made you think harder about any subject, or even - god forbid influenced who you might vote for?

My two penneth is, I haven't. It seems a pretty lame year, advertising-wise. The Green party's effort stands above the others for being dire as opposed to just forgettable. They somehow managed to make a party that always seemed to at least stand for something (which made them distinctive from the other parties) feel like they were just playing the same old personality game, rather than talking talking about what they felt was important. They regressed to style over substance in other words.

What sayeth you, voting public? Have your say in the comments below...

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  1. Haven't seen anything worth reporting.


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