You Be The Judge #2: Labour Party Candidate Videos

We enjoyed the first You Be The Judge, with lots of good honest opinions from you, our esteemed reader, on the new airbnb commercial. This time we have something slightly different – the vote for me videos done by Labour party leadership ship candidates. So, what do you think of them? Who comes across best? Do they change your opinion about any of the candidates? What do you think about the different approaches? Jeremy Corbyn doesn't appear to have done one (if we're wrong about that, please send us a link, ta), is that a good thing? It appears that a Jeremy Corbyn one can be watched here:

Yvette Cooper

Liz Kendall

Andy Burnham


  1. Here's what your average punter will take away from these:

    1. video: vote for me cause I'm a woman
    2. video: vote for me cause I'll do good things but don't bother explaining what that actually means
    3. video: vote for me cause I've got a family, which makes me just like you

    I'd rather vote for Frank Underwood.

  2. Think this might be Corbyn's?

  3. Kendall's is begging for a 'Fifty Shades of Red' re-cut.

  4. I don't know the slightest who these people are (nor the party), but...

    no. 1 can't seem to hold a conversation for more than 10 secs
    no. 2 is so full of ideas she's still on page 7 in her notebook
    no. 3 is overusing his eyebrows as a form of empathy

    who across best? no. 3.
    not by being different but because of the movie length. you get use to him more.

  5. 1. Doesn't say anything remotely concrete. Apart from female leader comment, but there's another woman in running so...
    2. Just awkwardly produced dribble that also lacked substance
    3. I now know he has a family (is this a USP in politicians?) and that he must have a lot to say about himself, 8 minutes worth in fact. But i wouldn't know because I couldn't bare to watch it.

  6. Adding to comment above. These contenders can't be surprised if Corbyn is gather more support and headlines than them. As Trott would say, he's an X and these 3 couldn't more perfectly rounded Os.

  7. Agreed Anon above. ONe thing that is consistent amongst the three 'other' candidates is a distinct lack of actual content. That's helped Corbyn into a situation where it is 'him versus one of the other three'.

  8. This bloke's got my vote. Shame I'm not Canadian.


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