4 simple ways to "evolve" your logo.

1. Give yourself a week.

As we all know, the best design work is farted out. Taking time to do things is lame. Don't be lame.

Fletcher, Rand, Glaser, Huber, Bass, Wyman, Aicher, Lubalin, Crouwel, Garland, Dempsey, Birdsall — Lame-os

2. Get everyone involved.

You know the saying: Too many cooks makes a really nice broth.

Get everyone involved! Grab a granny and let her muck in.

3. Fuck kerning.

W  ho n  ee ds it? It's an outdated concept. This isn't the fucking 60s.

4. Make it less recognisable. 

Having a logo that every single human on this earth recognises at a glance, is another outdated concept. I repeat, THIS ISN'T THE FUCKING 60s.

Follow those four easy tips and you too can Yahoo! your Google.


  1. Couldn't agree more.
    I wrote, too, about this....

  2. I could have done better than that for £25.36. Wonder how much they paid?


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