Muppets Meet Crumpets

They say you should never go full Muppet, but Warburtons have done just that. I expect someone will probably come up with some boring reasons why I should not like this, but I really do. Entertaining, product at the heart of it, funny, did I mention the Muppets? What's not to like? I wonder if snooty ad awards-juries will feel the same?


  1. I started watching it thinking "well it's at least better than that Stallone thing they've done before". And surprisingly enough they made fun of it at the end, which made me smile. It's charming and doesn't take itself too seriously. Better than 99% of ads out there at the moment, including all those Christmas ads.

  2. Love it! (Although minus a point for naff Northern references). AND I actually want to go out and try a massive bloody crumpet now.

    Nice to see something genuinely joyful rather than the joy most brands seem to think is trapped inside all of us and can only be released by embracing the "#PowerOfBaking" or some patronising shite.

    Miss Piggy is clearly the most empowered woman going though so White Pencil, surely?

  3. I don't understand how this commercial resonates with the brand DNA. Just kidding. It's a great ad!

  4. Apologies to the person who left a comment just now - I pressed the wrong button and deleted it - nothing personal, just my stupid fingers, sorry.

  5. Millennials will hate this

    1. Millennials are almost certainly not the main purchasers of crumpets...unless they are Millennials who are also Mums feeding hungry kids...ah Millennials!


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