Welcome Back

Welcome to 2016. I hope your festive break and new year celebrations at least met or vastly exceeded your expectations.

So here we are in a new year. It's a leap year, so we get one extra day for free. This free day we all get happens to fall on Monday, which for most working people is a work day. What does this mean? Should we simply treat this mystical free day as another work day? Or should we spend it doing something a bit more interesting? A few years ago, we got a campaign going to get everyone the day off on Feb 29th. The BBC rang us up and everything. What do you think, should we have another go?

Also in 2016, Brazil will host the Olympic games (can you believe London 2012 was four years ago? Does anyone like the logo yet?). America will elect a new president (my money is on Bob Hoffman). And France will host the Euro 2016 football tournament, which at least one Sell! Sell! operative is hoping will result in an historic triumph for Northern Ireland.

In advertising, no doubt people will continue to say silly things and overcomplicate what is essentially a relatively simple business. People who don't actually make any advertising themselves will continue to write and talk about how to do it.

As a kind of antidote to all that nonsense, 2016 will also see the release of our book. Written by people who actually develop and make advertising every day (apart for Feb 29th obvs.) it's a no-nonsense, common-sense look at the things that we have found (in our own experience) make advertising work better. There'll be an initial, limited run out in the next couple of weeks. It looks a bit like this...

All that remains to be said is that I hope you all have a wonderful, healthy, happy and rewarding 2016.


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