Is it Time for a New Creative Revolution? Sell! Sell! Speaking at Zee Melt 2016...

This weekend Vic will be in New Delhi, India, speaking at the Zee Melt Festival, India's biggest festival of creativity and innovation in marketing and communications.

As you might know, we're not usually big on these kind of festivals, but these guys seem like a smart bunch and have asked us to speak on a subject we feel strongly about - how to refocus this business properly back on to creativity.

And also there are some people speaking there we're interesting in seeing, including Dave Trott and Forsman & Bodenfors.

Vic will be covering some of the points we talk about in our book How To Make Better Advertising and Advertising Better –The Manifesto for a New Creative Revolution. Hope to see you there if you're going, and come and say hello.

There's more info at or follow @kyoorius or us @wearesellsell on the Twitter...

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