Stella Artois Christmas TV Ad

How the mighty have fallen. Keeping the festive theme going, here's the latest classic television commercial for Stella Artois. Stella's advertising might be an easy target at the moment but we just couldn't let this latest howler pass without commenting. A brand which once had truly great advertising which always put the product on a peerless pedestal now continues its spectacular decline from a creative perspective.
Putting aside the sheer lunacy that they're spending most of their advertising shekels trying to get more people to drink Stella because of it's impeccable green credentials [cue loud guffaw], it looks like they're now telling us that Stella Artois was originally crafted for Christmas. And they've done this with a commercial that even Coca-Cola or Werthers Bloody Original would have rejected for being so stomach-turningly twee. Hold on a minute, could it be that the story of Christmas is where the moniker of "Wife Beater" originated from? Maybe when Joseph found about Mary's "virgin" birth, Bethlehem witnessed the first bout of domestic violence. Answers on a Christmas card, please.


  1. Couldn't agree more. couldn't believe it was actually for Stella when I first saw it - it's godawful.

  2. Crikey that is poor. Is it saying that the bird chiselled out the pattern on the stem of the glass with its beak or something? I think the ASA might need to investigate the claim that it was originally brewed for Christmas, as should Joseph with his missus' claim that she's never slept with anyone...

    To be fair to Stella I did enjoy their recent work over in New York.

  3. That's one of the worst ads I've ever seen.

  4. Oh dear.

    Could it be pan-European? Or have they translated a foreign ad to cut costs? I mean, it's no excuse but it might explain why it's such a radical and disappointing move away from the usual.

    I thought something was going to happen and then...something didn't happen.

  5. someone told me yesterday that stella isn't brewed but comes in powder form and is dissolved to make the piss poor wife beating water that it is. It looks to me that they have used this formula to make this ad. maybe thats the future. Freeze dried ads, just add water and hey presto Bag 'O' Shite!
    Maybe they needed to save money to get some proper drink in for their xmas party.


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