Are You Letterheady?

I have an unhealthy love of letterheads, I admit it.
There's something about them that I really find fascinating, I think it's partly that they are a good point where design meets commerce, which is something I find interesting (and also I think the reason why I love the the business of advertising so much, but that's another story). And also because letterheads are by their nature, a very restricted brief. Because unless you have a very good reason why not, they're all exactly the same size and shape, A4 (or letter in the States I suppose). And restrictions in design and creativity lead to interesting thinking.

Anyway, happily I was pointed in the direction of this great site, Letterheady dedicated to celebrating letterhead design. Set up by Shaun Usher, it already has an interesting collection of letterhead design on there, I've picked out a few of my favourites from it below. Starting with an enjoyably businesslike one for The Rolling Stones...

Ta for the tip Ben.


  1. Great site - I love the Paul Rand designed,'Portfolio' one.

  2. My pleasure. Definitely belongs on your blog.


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