The iPad: Will It Blend?

Long-time readers of this blog, as well being gluttons for punishment, will know that we are big fans of the Blendtec Will It Blend? campaign. The iPod Will It Blend? was one of their most popular films, so it stands to reason that with the launch of the iPad in the states, that would follow next. It doesn't disappoint - with the added bonus of Tom Dickson's great way of making it fit in the blender.


  1. Amazing!

    You to could win your very own IPad on our website competition . . .

    Hunt through the photographer's portfolios to find the x10 hidden Easter Eggs.
    You have until Friday, good luck.

  2. It is a fiendish way of getting the folios fixed in your mind :)

    One egg is proving very tricky to find, but shan't tell you were. That'd be cheating x

  3. No shit : )

    I will play no part in your fiendish mind games, but you can send me an iPad, then I'll have a good look at them on it.


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