Nailed 'Em. Fentimans On The Colbert Report

Long-time readers may remember the Houlton Gate, the furore in the small town in north-east USA where our client Fentimans' Victorian Lemonade was made illegal for sale to minors because of its trace alcohol content. It's now been covered on the Colbert Report, and worth a watch I think...

This is the response wot we rote for Fentimans at the time...

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  1. Yesterday lunchtime I had a prawn cocktail sandwich and a refreshing glass of Fentiman's lemonade.
    I spent the afternoon creating a one man crime wave that resulted in two mugged pensioners, a hospitalised shop keeper, a crashed Citroen Saxo and a traumatised puppy.
    I spent the evening sleeping it off under a bridge with a needle in my arm and woke up with a tattoo next to a crack whore named candy.
    I don't think you can blame the prawn cocktail sandwich.


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