Splash It All Over

Here's our, albeit belated, little tribute to Our 'Enery. Great as it may be, forget all this worshipping of the Old Spice advertising. Now this was a proper campaign for an aftershave. Sporting superstars. Skipping. Men in the shower. One with a perm.

And after the Brut ads, here was Henry's second biggest achievement. Witness a classic sporting moment at 3.03 in this clip.

Finally, here's a verbatim lifted from an article in The Telegraph from 2002 that demonstrates he could pack a punch with words too.

It was boxing commentator Reg Gutteridge who observed ; "Henry Cooper has stolen the affection of the public for longer than any other sportsman.  He has indestructible dignity."
Dignity and abundant humour as he displayed in a televised exchange with boxing abolitionist Baroness Summerskill:

"Mr Cooper, have you looked in the mirror recently and seen the state of your nose?"

"Well, madam, have you looked in the mirror and seen the state of your nose? Boxing's my excuse, what's yours?"

Indestructible dignity and a sense of humour. Apart from Robbie Savage, how many of today's sportsmen can you say that about?


  1. Robbie Savage? Indestructible dignity? Don't be silly.

  2. Er, the Robbie Savage reference was meant to be a joke. Maybe we should have said John Terry instead to be make it more obvious....

  3. Ooops, sarcasm radar off. Apologies.


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