We Are Looking For A New Junior/Graduate Art Director


  1. Good luck with your search, it'll be a cracking job for some lucky person!

  2. I love this. I really do. Long copy ads are so much more challenging and fun than people know. And for the target audience, you've eliminated the window shoppers and chasers-of-shiny-objects from your pool of potentials, which I imagine was by design.

    Most of all, I like the attitude. Of the piece. Of the agency. So hard to find an organization that actually gets it. Why can't advertising agencies be what they're meant to be anymore, instead of madhouses run by accountants and people who've sold nothing aside from their souls?

  3. I agree with the sentiment of this ad, but unfortunately the Scottish chap who answers YOUR telephone has a practically incomprehensible accent :P It sounds like Sean Connery is being waterboarded.

    Good luck with the search chaps!

  4. I'd love that job....am I too old?

  5. You're not looking for a Junior CW, are you?

  6. Apologies for the tardy replies - we've been on summer break.

    M Denton Esq... you're certainly not too old, no age restrictions or youth-ism here, we're pleased to say. You may, however, be considerably over-qualified. Plus, your tea-making skills are open to question. Just saying.

    Anonymous above - send us an email with an example of some of your work: doubles [at] sellsell dot co dot uk

    Anonymous from 31 May - you are very kind, thanks!


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