The Answer Is Plain

We like this ad from Cancer Research UK. I know that sometimes the temptation (or the internal pressure in the creative department) is strong to do something sensationalist or creatively overly clever on a brief like this. To their credit, the people responsible have kept it simple, and in doing so have created something that feels powerful and real. As we've said before, sometimes the smartest thing an agency or creative can do is to get out of the way of the communication. The best creative work doesn't always look like creative work. Hats-off to those involved.



  1. Nicely done, but not sure I believe the brief. Do kids, or teenagers even, really want to take up smoking because of cool packaging. I'm not convinced any youngster ever looked at a pack of Marlboro or B&H and thought 'That's for me!'
    Surely a far more effective way of stopping kids smoking would be to get middle age, middle class adults to positively encourage them to take it up because 'that's what our generation did.'
    They wouldn't go within a mile of a fag.

  2. I agree with Ian. In fact, I don't think that packaging has anything to do with people taking up smoking. Check out these cigarette boxes, via Russia.

    And then we have the US government doing the opposite (would that be effective in convincing people to stop smoking? I don't think so).


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