Foooooooooootbaaaaall Beeeeeeeeeeeeet!

This week we unleash Senior Puntinho onto the world, to launch Football Bet, the new (you might have guessed) football betting app from our friends at the Racing Post. Directed by the tremendous Mr Tom King at Gas & Electric, it features our favourite London Comedy Bloke Tony Marrese as the Brazilian football and television legend. The campaign was inspired by the very pinnacle of football loving culture - 1970s Brazil. We recreated the classic Brazilian television look with the help of the talented people at Framestore, a process which included recording the finished spots to and from a decrepit old analogue broadcast tape machine machine to get just the right amount of colour shadowing and picture degredation. For a regular injection of Puntinho you can follow @Sr_Puntinho on the twitter, if you do that kind of thing.


  1. I like football. I like to do bet on football. I like this ad.

  2. Foooootbaaaallllll Beeeetttttttt! I saw this on TV over the weekend and liked it a lot.

  3. You could have stopped with the first one. Absolutely fantastic. You guys are the bomb. Love the tagline. Very creative. Very funny. That should cut through the clutter like a laser through butter.


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