Mooooo-te point

In the Suri tribe in Ethiopia - women stretch their lips by inserting progressively larger clay plates. Many people have theories as to why this practise started - but now it is a way to measure a ladies worth: the larger the plate, the more cattle must be given to her family as compensation when she marries.

Smaller plates tend to get 20 or so cows - with the larger fetching in excess of 60.

So, applying the same logic - how many cows does a brand get if someone likes their Facebook page?


  1. $174 dollars per like

    $800 per cow

    So that's like um, nearly a quarter of a cow?

    But, you know, these likers can be anywhere in the world so it's going to be the postage that gets you.

  2. Not so many cows, but a lot of bullshit.


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