Rum Bunch

The last refuge for the desperate, lazy scoundrel when short of creative inspiration is to plunder the "advertising by association" box of fun.

If you cannot think of anything genuinely interesting or differentiating to say about your brand or product, simply associate it with somebody whose values or character you wish to draw a parallel and be identified with.

Look, we are interesting, honest. We must be, we must be, because we are exactly just like these really aspirational, interesting people. Please believe us. Please.  

I've been exposed to these godawful Lambs Navy Rum ads too many times to remain silent now.

I just cannot believe that there isn't anything more compelling to say about Lambs Navy Rum than making some lame comparison with some painfully cliched and less than appealing "edgy" stereotypes.

In addition to this Creative Branding Guru horror show, there are several other executions featuring a Burlesque Performer, Tattoo Artist and, wait for it, even a Founder of a Luxury Concierge Service.

It's very charitable and gracious for Lambs to spend their precious advertising shekels giving publicity to these individuals and making them the hero of their advertising instead of the rum.

It's a crying shame as it's a potentially iconic brand with a deep, rich history and sense of authenticity. Is there absolutely nothing about the rum itself that they can say that might make people actually want to drink it?

Guess Lambs must think otherwise and be very, very happy for the product to be associated purely as a superficial bolt-on with this motley crew.

Looks like they've also been taking the "Brand Engagement crazy pills as there's even a True British Character section to their website where they ask searching questions like Which True British Character traits do you possess? and What makes a True British Character?

You can even take an insightful personality test and discover the real you....

Click here if you can be arsed to witness this glorious piece of marketing in more detail.

Sell! Sell! will not be held responsible if you want to gouge your own eyes out with a blunt spoon after seeing this though.


  1. This looks much more fun than drinking a Lamb & tonic with creative branding guru Steve Edge -

  2. From their advertising back catalogue I should add.

  3. Frankly the rum isn't that good so that could be the real reason they're struggling. I'd always opt for an Appleton's, Mount Gay or, if they have it, Angostura 1919, ooh vanilla!


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