A Different Point Of View?

The ad industry's head-long charge towards emotional advertising has been troubling us a little of late. Marketing Magazine have just published a piece wot we rote on this very subject: Why Emotional Ads Can Be Bad For Brand Building.


  1. This is a brilliant article. Unfortunately I have also met clients who prefer the emotional bullshit as opposed to showing the product although the agency advises otherwise.

  2. It feels like we're back to the days to get the wife of the client to like the ad as a measure of how good it is. Puppies? OH I LOVE PUPPIES!

  3. Thanks anon. And I think you're right, there seems to be a new breed of marketing director out there who buys the whole emotional brand building thing hook, line and sinker. It's probably why marketing departments are sometimes viewed with such suspicion by the CEO and FDs, Sales Directors and boards of their companies.


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