A bit of Newcastle Brown Super Bowl gatecrashing

Newcastle Brown Ale have gone early in the SuperBowl advertising buzz stakes and maintained their maverick streak by producing a couple of new spots that pokes fun at the approach other brands take to try to steal the limelight at this marquee event.

One is a blatant attempt to infiltrate the Doritos User Generated Video competition. The other is a call for other companies to help fund the Newcastle Brown Ale Superbowl campaign as  they can't afford the $4.5 million asking price of the airtime.

Despite crying the poor tale, they've obviously spent a pretty penny on these well-executed gems to try to generate as much coverage and noise well in advance of the big day. It's a smart move to go early and whip up PR in the calm before the storm.

It's refreshing to see a beer brand with balls making mischief and being irreverent in a category which is increasingly losing its edge and falling under the dangerous spell of bland lifestyle advertising.

Good on Droga5 for publicly taking the piss with this work.


  1. They are very good piss takes - number 1 of Doritos obviously and number 2 of Budweiser? I preferred 2 to 1 - I laughed and all that.

    But are they good ads? Seen worse that is for sure. Somedays advertising self deprecating can be a tad nauseating.

    I haven't drank a Newky Brown for years - who has? Why would you? Does anyone even stock it? Surely their is a big task for this brand ahead? No Bollocks - oh okay.

  2. Newcastle Brown Ale - You'll be taking the piss. A lot.


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