Lovely Letterpress Posters By Delicious Industries

Our good friend and talented designer, typographer and printmaker Judith Wilding AKA Delicious Industries has just completed these lovely letterpress posters for Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft.

Ditchling is a small village in East Sussex, which has always attracted talented designers and craftspeople. It was the home of legendary type designers Eric Gill and Edward Johnston, and the base from which they created their famous work – Ditchling Museum celebrates the work of these giants of design and type history.

The museum has its own print room with its own historic type library, and Judith wanted to use these to produce the Museum's own promotional posters. The series of six was designed by Judith to use the type from their library, which she then personally letter-pressed in her studio.

It's great to see wood-block letters used in a way other than set in horizontal rows, and posters produced straight off-the-press in this way, with no digital post or manipulation. If you've ever worked with wood type and letterpress (as we have on our print advertising for Fentimans) you'll know how much skill it takes to set type like this and get the feel that these have. Lovely stuff, hats off.

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  1. Damn. These are really easy on the eyes.


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