The Answer Is Plain

We like this ad from Cancer Research UK. I know that sometimes the temptation (or the internal pressure in the creative department) is strong to do something sensationalist or creatively overly clever on a brief like this. To their credit, the people responsible have kept it simple, and in doing so have created something that feels powerful and real. As we've said before, sometimes the smartest thing an agency or creative can do is to get out of the way of the communication. The best creative work doesn't always look like creative work. Hats-off to those involved.


Bill Bernbach Said #63

Number 63 in our Bernbach series...

“It is ironic that the very thing that is most suspect by business, that intangible thing called artistry, turns out to be the most practical tool available to it. For it is only an original talent that can vie with all the shocking news events and violence in the world for the attention of the consumer.

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Howard Luck Gossage

As you may now by know, we're huge fans of Howard Luck Gossage and his work. It's inexplicable really that he isn't more widely lauded in the ad industry. We recently got hold of a copy of Steve Harrison's new book about HLG - more on that next week. Anyway, have a read of George Tannenbaum's post about the book and HLG - in it he quotes Jeff Goodby's excellent line about Gossage (I'm not going to repeat it here, you'll have to read George's post). In the meantime, here's a Gossage ad to be getting on with.

You Don't Say Ham

Classic commercial for Spam which uses the hard-to-dislike jingle “You don't say ham, you say Spam”. We miss a good jingle. Whilst on the subject of Spam, have a look at their website - it scrolls upwards and has a likeable oddness to it: HERE.

Bill Bernbach Said #62

Number 62 in our Bernbach series...

“An important idea not communicated persuasively is like having no idea at all.

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Facebook IPO Day

Well the big day is here, it's Facebook's IPO day. We thought we'd celebrate by enjoying some classic Snake Oil ads. Well, this is an ad blog after all. They're really quite convincing aren't they?

You're vs Your

We’ve all felt this way at some point, no?


Bill Bernbach Said #61

Number 61 in our Bernbach series...

“Knowledge is ultimately available to everyone. Only true intuition, jumping from knowledge to an idea, is yours and yours alone.

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Roy Hodgson Is An Owl

Continuing our infrequent series of football lookalikeys, we have a series of owls who bear more than a passing resemblance to Roy Hodgson.  Bet you can't tell which is which. You can find more here [thanks to Steve Q for winging this our way].

Bill Bernbach Said #60

Number 60 in our Bernbach series...

“The fragile structure of logic fades and disappears against the emotional onslaught of a hushed tone, a dramatic pause, and the soaring excitement of a verbal crescendo.

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A Thwack In The Chops

You don't get enough Thwacks these days, in our 'umble opinion. Our latest good old-fashioned print ad for Fentimans attempts to make up for that.

The Sell! Sell! Approach, By Apple, Sort Of

I've seen this going around the internets a bit today. Apparently it’s a message that greets new employees to Apple. It mirrors the Sell! Sell! approach very closely. Apart from the bit about weekends, of course.

From this guy.

Nice Stuff From Hoggislavia

Some lovely cards from from our good friend Mr Richard Hogg landed on our mat this morning. Nice print quality and a fun idea.

John Peel's Record Collection

The Space arts foundation has taken on the challenge of putting John Peel's Record Collection online. You can see a short video explaining a bit about it here.

Very cool.

Spitting Superstar

You may have already seen this but if not you're in for a real treat.  Via the always entertaining Mashable.