Big Ass Pinata

Now the Pinata isn't very popular here in the UK, but this could change everything. Quality. You can buy one here.

Yesterday - some more work in progress

Mr P is always on duty...Some work in progress pics from a shoot we were doing yesterday with our special friends Colin Gregg and Therapy Films. This should turn out really good I think. Thanks to Colin, Barry, Tess, Feddy and everyone else for some top-notch work and good times, as usual.

A very (very) big drawing in a suitcase

The Biggest Drawing In The World is a project by Erik Nordenankar using a beefed up GPS device in a suitcase. The suitcase gets transported around the world by DHL according to instructions given by Nordenankar, and the resulting tracking line from the GPS system creates what is in effect a giant world-sized portrait. It all sounds very complicated, but the film brings it to life really well. Have a look at the website here. It's a fun project. It's also a great lesson in creating a bit of digital/web content that is interesting but also very relevant to a particular product or brand. Which isn't always the case, but is good to see.

Robot Wrestlers

Very impressive. Makes that Honda robot thingy look like a Big Trak.

Sell! Sell! Salutes... Those New Smart Car Ads

It seems these days that the hardest thing for a lot of advertising agencies, and advertising creatives, is to let go of their ego and do something that is great for the product, even if it doesn't seem 'creadive'. At Sell! Sell! we firmly believe that the only reason creativity in advertising exists is to increase effectiveness. The makers of these new Smart Car adverts have found something interesting to say about their product - they've attacked what are probably two of the biggest barriers to people considering it head-on - and they've got the hell out of the way of that message. It wouldn't be fair to say that's all they've done, because they've given the ads a really good tone of voice and feel that really helps the message. And also because it's the bravest thing a creative can do to do something simple, when others would try to show off or put their own desire for 'cleverness' in the way of the product. Probably in some misguided desire to win in the creative award beauty parades.
Our little test is always "do we wish we'd made these ads?" and the answer is a resounding "yes". And for that, and all of the above reasons, Smart Car, and AMV - we salute thee!
Oh, here's the other one...


Honest(ish) Sign

Saw this painted on a wall in Brighton.
It wasn't clear what kind of assistance it was offering.
I didn't press it.
Which I now regret.

This is not art

Just spotted this round the corner from Sell! Towers, under the bridge on Old Street. Someone has taken over a poster site with a photograph of the other side of the road. The photo is reversed so it's like a mirror - the writing in reverse on the wall in the picture says "This is not art". Here's the other side of the road...
I don't know what it's about or who's done it, but I like it. I suspect it might have something to do with the small signs on the wall under the bridge that say something like "Doing graffiti? you are being watched. Naughty people." or something like that.

Facial Flex - you will wonder how you lived without it

"If your New Year's resolution is to work out, why aren't you working out your face?" Great stuff.
From Informercial Hell

Out Of The Top Drawer: Horacio Salinas

Doing what we do we have the pleasure of getting to see lots of excellent creative work of all kinds, and work with very talented people from all over the place. But sometimes you come across real top, top quality. And that's what this is. Horacio Salinas has one of the best collections of photography work we've seen in a long time. Technical brilliance and loads (and loads) of great, clever ideas of really varying styles. It really is straight out of the top drawer. Have a look here.

Animals on the Underground

Paul Middlewick spotted the first animal on the underground map (the elephant) in 1988. Since then, more and more have been spotted, some of them really very clever. Check out the interwebnetsite, where you can buy merchandise that also supports the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It's got us looking at Harry Beck's design classic in a different way.

This song is melting our brains

That's Not My Name is the new single by Salford band The Ting Tings. Be warned. If you play this song on repeat, you will become addicted to it, and then it will melt your brain. We know. It has happennnddddbblllllrrrmmm...

Cutting Edge: Artful Codgers on 4

The Cutting Edge documentary Artful Codgers was on 4 (that's Channel 4 if you're over 25) last night. It's the fantastic story of a family from Lancashire who fooled some of the country's best experts into believing a series of superb forgeries of ancient pieces of art (like the one above) were real. They had some of them exhibited in museums, sold at auction, they even sold one for about £400,000.
One of the funny things about the story is how lovable the family are - more like Great British hoaxers than criminals - they never spent any of the money they made "I've got six pairs of socks in that drawer I've never worn, what else do I need". Also impressive is the amazing talent of Shaun Greenhalgh, who recreated the pieces with great craftsmanship and skill. And for some reason, it's funny to think of the country's best experts being fooled by a pensioner from Bolton and his family.
If you missed it, it's worth a watch on 4OD - that's if you have a pc and not macs like us (come on Channel 4).
I can't help wondering if it was all an excellent story by Peter Kay though.

Giant Nintendo Controller

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be a tiny person in the 80's playing video games, this will help you out. It's a giant, fully functioning NES controller made by Kyle Downes. If you want to see more on how he made it, check out his blog here.

Job Update: Quality Designer Wanted!

Hello folks, just a quick update on the Junior Designer job here at Sell! Sell! towers. Thanks to everyone who's got in touch so far - we have a had loads of applications from some really talented people, so it's taking a bit of time to go through them. We will be getting back to everyone, so if you haven't heard from us yet it doesn't mean you're out of the picture.

Crimes of carelessness

Contrary to popular belief, America was a very, very dangerous place in the 1950s as this public service ad demonstrates.  
Hats off to Weird Al Yankovic for creating this classic piece of film. There's more to him than spoofing Michael Jackson songs, you know. 

Anthony Burrill Wallpaper* Covers

The people at way-more-stylish-than-us magazine Wallpaper* have enlisted Anthony Burrill to create four covers for their June issue - very nice they are too. Have a look at them here on the CR blog. We have the 'Work Hard And Be Nice To People' up in the office here, it's a great sentiment. We also noticed in this pic on the blog that the nice folks at Creative Review have our Wall-Chart up in their office...How nice. For those who didn't see it first time around...VIA CR BLOG

Come on people, think.

We got this leaflet/invite through the post this week, promoting 'Develop a Healthy Work:Life Balance, An early morning management seminar'. Hmmm.

Ford Focus ad before the overdub?


Neil Duerden

Neil Duerden is an excellent illustrator, he's great at working around and with photographed objects or people. Have a look at his work here.

Martin Klimas photography

Photographer Martin Klimas has some excellent work on his website, including the smashing ornaments above, and also some amazing shots of owls, among other things. Have a look here.

Christian Hückstädt Collages

These are the excellent and slightly mad card and vegetable collages of illustrator Christian Hückstädt.

Mr Means

Mr Means is one of our favourite snappers. Whether it's portraits, or his fun still lifes, his work always has a great sense of humour and spirit. Check more out here.

Chrissie Abbott at The Old Shoreditch Station

The Old Shoreditch Station is our favourite local place for coffee, and as a bonus at the minute they have an exhibition up of illustrator/artist Chrissie Abbott's work. Makes waiting for a tasty cup very nice indeed. See more of Chrissie's excellent work here.