Cutting Edge: Artful Codgers on 4

The Cutting Edge documentary Artful Codgers was on 4 (that's Channel 4 if you're over 25) last night. It's the fantastic story of a family from Lancashire who fooled some of the country's best experts into believing a series of superb forgeries of ancient pieces of art (like the one above) were real. They had some of them exhibited in museums, sold at auction, they even sold one for about £400,000.
One of the funny things about the story is how lovable the family are - more like Great British hoaxers than criminals - they never spent any of the money they made "I've got six pairs of socks in that drawer I've never worn, what else do I need". Also impressive is the amazing talent of Shaun Greenhalgh, who recreated the pieces with great craftsmanship and skill. And for some reason, it's funny to think of the country's best experts being fooled by a pensioner from Bolton and his family.
If you missed it, it's worth a watch on 4OD - that's if you have a pc and not macs like us (come on Channel 4).
I can't help wondering if it was all an excellent story by Peter Kay though.

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