Learn From A Great Of The Business: John Webster

Did you ever wish you could spend half an hour with John Webster to find out what made him one of the UKs best ever admen? Well thanks to Patrick Collister for making this film, and Dave Trott for sticking it on Vimeo, now you can. (As for why it's back to front and a funny colour, you'll have to ask them.)

Bill Bernbach Said #71

Number 71, and the penultimate quote in our Bernbach series...

“If you stand for something, you will always find some people for you and some against you. If you stand for nothing, you will find nobody against you, and nobody for you.”

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An Amazing Achievement. Not Amazing Marketing.

Felix Baumgartner’s jump from the edge of space on Sunday was amazing to watch. The weird thing is, I keep seeing it on marketing blogs and webstites described as a 'Red Bull marketing stunt'. I find this odd. I watched and was in awe of his achievement, but as far as I can see, Red Bull's input has been signing a few cheques and sticking a couple of logos on his Nearly-In-Spacesuit. It's great that they supported him, but while it may be a feat of human endeavour, I'm struggling to see it as a feat of marketing.

A Taste Of Our First Commercial For Drambuie

Our first TV and cinema work for Drambuie breaks this week, building on the A Taste Of The Extraordinary idea launched last year (see the first work here). It previewed at a cinema screening in Canada and will run over here, starting in Scotland, in the run up to Christmas, before being rolled out in Drambuie's other markets around the world. It's fair to say it has been one of the most challenging things we've worked on, not least because we knew we were setting ourselves a very high bar to live up to the promise of Extraordinary on the big and small screen.

A huge thanks is in order to all of the talented people who were part of bringing it to life, the fantastic director Chino Moya and producer Jeremy Goold at HSI, DoP Ray Coates, editor Rich Orrick at Work Post; Eileen, Chris and the gang at MPC; PC, Phil and Fred at Yellow Boat Music for the soundtrack, Tom Joyce at Factory for the sound design, and the indefatigable Fiona Plumstead for pulling it all together. The final word of huge thanks I'll reserve for the team at Drambuie, who deserve huge credit for sharing and supporting our desire to do ambitious advertising, while the majority of the alcoholic drinks category remains largely bereft of ideas and plays it safe. Time for a drink.

45" Football


Pascal Claude is our hero.

Not only has he amassed a collection of over 1000 7" football singles, but he has been diligently uploading the sound files & cover artwork to 45football.com.

There is only 100 up there so far but already you can sit back and enjoy the dulcet tones of Undici Bianconeri singing Juve Juve, Sell! Sell! favourite Xavier de Oliveira's Ser benfiquista, Mentira for Benfica or Ebenezer Lightning and the Cowshed Boys with 80's classic 'Town Supporters Song'.

Real People Are Different From Us

Excellent post from Bob Hoffman today looking at recent research highlighting the difference between media professionals and everyone else when it comes to behaviour with apps, social media, television and the like. A little tidbit below, but read the full thing here.