Vintage Wrestling Posters

Whether you have a weakness for bulky men in skintight lycra suits or you just happen to like things that look nice, check out these British Wrestling posters.

Circus Freak Vintage Posters

Roll up, roll up. There's a damn fine collection of printed circus memorabilia at
Here's a taster [is that really the right word?] from their "Freaks" section.

Hamlet history lesson

These days, a lot of brands seem to change their advertising more often than people change their pants.

Once upon a time, there was a thing called a "historical reel" which contained all the commercials made by a brand.

Quite often, these solely featured several executions in a long running campaign. The increasing restlessness of many Marketing Directors and the "let's reinvent the wheel" syndrome displayed by many Ad Agencies has meant that the long running advertising campaign is a rare beast indeed.

As a Monday treat and a perfect antidote to advertising short-termism, feast your eyes on the greatness and glory of the CDP Hamlet campaign that ran from 1966 to 1997.


Beer, Beer, Beer

Check out this great little video by Old Milwaukee Beer below. Simple idea, nice styling and some sweet, sweet shades. Perfect right? Sadly not. Watch it until 1:48 and try not to let out a sigh.

Bill Bernbach Said #70

Number 70 in our Bernbach series...

“Advertising doesn’t create a product advantage. It can only convey it.”

Read all of the previous Bernbach Said posts here.

Kubrick One Point Perspective *And More

Truly great. Here's some more in the same vein:
Wes Anderson hands from above...
 Tarantino from above...
 Sounds of Aronofsky...

Do You Only Know How To Make Ads?

The things that make a print advert work are the same things that make an editorial layout, or piece of printed art strong. The things that make a TV commercial great are the same things that make a TV programme, film or piece of video art great. The crucial difference being that, obviously, the ultimate job of the commercial work is to meet its brief; sell a product, change your opinion about something, etc. But still, the things that make it work in the end are the same craft skills that make other things strong in that media.

The problem comes when you forget this, and you think about making adverts. People tend to do things to adverts that they wouldn't do to an editorial piece of design, or to a film. But unfortunately ads don't get processed differently by people. Either it's good or it isn't good. There are no excuses just because it's an ad. But still, people try to cram in way too much information, over-the-top branding, social media logos, and other guff, because it's an ad

Sometimes it makes you think that people, clients and agency alike, have forgotten how to make interesting things that also happen to be great ads, and they only know how to make things that look and sound like adverts.

Campbell's Warhol Cans

Ooh, brand imitates art imitating brand. We do quite like this simple but fun idea. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Warhol's famous Condensed Soup cans, Campbell's have released this special edition packaging.

One of Warhol's originals (note: this is actually a digital image of a photograph of an actual original, so don't drop this image on to your computer and expect to auction it off for the price of a decent New York apartment):

Also it's a good opportunity to remind ourselves of George Lois' great Esquire cover, featuring Warhol drowning in a can of Campbell's soup: