Treat Yourself To A Meaty Gift.

After the success of their recent winter advertising, the good folk over at Upper Crust asked us to give their delicious, British Hog Roast baguette, and their new limited edition, British Roast Turkey baguette a bit of a Christmas twinkle for their latest campaign. With the help of food photography maestro Gareth Morgans and some top notch prop making from the guys at Andy Knight, we created these print and press executions to appear around London in the build up to Christmas.

Some of our previous Upper Crust work: Start StrongYou Need Coffee.

Snoop Dogg / Snoop Lion / Ebenezer Snoop / Big Fat Poop

If like me, you like to laugh at all things terrible, you will be familiar with the colossal nip-slip that is 'Snoop Dogg'. Most of you will probably be aware by this point that 'Snoop' has recently re-branded himself as 'Snoop Lion'. He is calling it a Rastafarian Reincarnation.

 I know, I know.

You'll be pleased to hear that all this shitness just got a whole lot nuttier.

 For the holiday season the newly born 'Snoop Lion' has again re-branded himself as 'Ebenezer Snoop'. As a joint project, Adidas and 'Poop Cloggs' have released this fantastic (unbelievably terrible) festive video below.

This is our gift to you, dear reader. Merry Christmas.

Age In Advertising

If you've popped by looking for the latest instalment of skate videos I'm afraid I can't help you. However, I would suggest you read this really rather excellent post on the subject of age in advertising from Ben Kay. The issue of which he writes is very real, and a problem for the ad industry.

Sk8r DuDeZ

It's friday, and I'm feeling fruity. You know what that means? Yep, that's right, more skate videos (bored yet?)

Stick on a billy brewster, grab some biccies and crack this on full screen.

FIREFLY from samadhi production on Vimeo.

Peter Brings the Shadow to Life from predatory bird on Vimeo.

Following Joe from predatory bird on Vimeo.


Stanley Steamer

A piece of viral marketing or just an oddball with a tripod?

Guess what?


I've been asked to put some more things that have recently sparked my attention up on this blog today, and as no-one is here to stop me, I'm going to put up more skate videos. You know what they say, while the cat's away the mouse will saturate the cat's blog with videos that are probably incredibly boring for everybody except for the mouse (they do say that don't they?)

Rather than show you things that have recently caught my attention I've chosen to show you three of my favourite clips from over the past couple of years (I know, rebel!).

Below is an example of just how great a simple idea can be. It is a trailer for Almost Skateboard's video '5 incher'. They found something that was five inches and skated it, creating something that forces the skateboarders to think and skate creatively. This really stands out against the usual long handrails and big drops that are usually in skateboarding ads.

5-Incher Trailer from Almost Skateboards on Vimeo.

Below is a video by Etnies called 'Aimless'. Using three pieces of smashed-together-wide-angle footage they have created an experimental piece of film that will send your eyes in all different directions, probably never to re-align ever again (you'll need to make this full screen and give it a few minutes to warm up).

etnies Presents: Aimless from etnies on Vimeo.

Lastly a collaborative effort between The Berrics and Gatorade. Filmed in one take using one camera, this just shows the technical and creative abilities of the directors, filmers and skateboarders surrounding  the industry.

Go All Day from Colin Kennedy on Vimeo.

Pretty Sweet

If you couldn't get down to the premiere of Girl/Chocolate's new video 'Pretty Sweet' last month I implore you to either download it off iTunes or buy the DVD.

Not only is it one of the best skateboarding videos skateboarding-wise, it is also (in my view) one of the best directed, filmed and edited films to come out, period.

Directed and produced by Spike Jonze (and others) it is truly fantastic.  It is apparent that a lot of fun was had when experimenting with ideas, filming and post production that gives 'Pretty Sweet' an energy that no other company could even try to match.

Check out the trailer below.

Below is a previous effort by Girl Skateboards and Spike Jonze.

Foooooooooootbaaaaall Beeeeeeeeeeeeet!

This week we unleash Senior Puntinho onto the world, to launch Football Bet, the new (you might have guessed) football betting app from our friends at the Racing Post. Directed by the tremendous Mr Tom King at Gas & Electric, it features our favourite London Comedy Bloke Tony Marrese as the Brazilian football and television legend. The campaign was inspired by the very pinnacle of football loving culture - 1970s Brazil. We recreated the classic Brazilian television look with the help of the talented people at Framestore, a process which included recording the finished spots to and from a decrepit old analogue broadcast tape machine machine to get just the right amount of colour shadowing and picture degredation. For a regular injection of Puntinho you can follow @Sr_Puntinho on the twitter, if you do that kind of thing.

A Taste Of The Illuminati? Sell! Sell! Outed As Fallen Angels.

Now, gentle reader. You might have been sat there thinking that we were just another dumb ad agency (yes you were). But no. We are actually evil, clever geniuses, sowing the propaganda of the freemasons, the devil and his fallen angels. As the nice man below has taken the trouble to point out...

If you enjoyed that lesson, it's worth reading the latest string of comments on the ad on YouTube.