A Taste Of The Illuminati? Sell! Sell! Outed As Fallen Angels.

Now, gentle reader. You might have been sat there thinking that we were just another dumb ad agency (yes you were). But no. We are actually evil, clever geniuses, sowing the propaganda of the freemasons, the devil and his fallen angels. As the nice man below has taken the trouble to point out...

If you enjoyed that lesson, it's worth reading the latest string of comments on the ad on YouTube.


  1. This is crazy.

    Someone needs to inform this poor misguided fellow that all you simply did was heavily 'borrow' from David Lynch.

    Little else went into it.

  2. You are too kind, thanks for stopping by, anonymous person.

  3. Lol, I always think old masters must look down and chuckle at art historians when they start analysing their paintings.

    Just goes to prove you can justify anything anyway you want with access to Wikipedia and Google.

  4. And you thought you'd get away with it, huh.

    I always had my doubts, ever since the rate my builder work.


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