A Ray Of Meaty Hope On A Cold, Dark Day

As winter closes in, thoughts turn to digging out scarves from the back of the wardrobe, and eating something warm and comforting for lunch. As luck would have it, to coincide with this, our friends at Upper Crust have created some smashing new meaty baguettes, just for winter. To bring them to the attention of the world, we again enlisted the help of ace food photographer Mr Gareth Morgans, and produced the campaign below, running as tube cards and press in and around London.

Some of our previous Upper Crust work: Start Strong, You Need Coffee.


  1. Now that looks like a proper sandwich! Not the crap we get in the States. Nice campaign. Makes me want to fly to the U.K. just to try one (especially the roast beef). Then again, it's all about the crusty bread, innit?

  2. Nice work. Good writing, strong art direction, what's not to like?


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