Make Your Own Brand Advertisement

"Hey Sell! Sell!" clients almost never ask us, "Why don't you do those big brand ads like what I always see on the telly?"

Well, the answer is simple; we like to do things that actually make a difference.

But we do realise that some people just want them anyway.
So, as a service to our lovely readers, we are providing this Make Your Own Brand Advertisement script.

Simply fill in the gaps, and hey presto! Big brand ad a-gogo!

Crystals and lasers

No, we're not talking about this years' televised hot shenanigans at Glastonbury. We're talking about about Matt Moore's latest super designs.
It's hard to believe these paintings were created entirely with spray paint, they look so neat, almost digital.
Take a look at more of his great stuff here and here.

Vintage Art supplies

Here's a great little flickr collection of vintage art supplies to brighten up your Monday morning.

178 Matchboxes

Prague based designer Pavel Fuksa has created this impressive music video for the Navigators using 178 individually designed fake vintage matchboxes.

You can check out all of the individual boxes he created here.

Venice's People

Sweet and great-looking short film about the characters at Venice Beach, by Philip Bloom.

The BIG Caption

Some rather amusing things can be seen over at The Big Caption site, here, where images are paired with captions in nice type or to put it another way, 'wherein jokes and statements are made using typography'. Nice silly midweek find.

Matthias Heiderich - White noise

White Noise. A beautiful set of photographs from the talented Matthias Heiderich.

There's something eerie and unsettling about these sepia toned shots, but yet at the same time they have a mysterious, alluring warmth. I wouldn't mind having a nicely framed large scale print of one of these in my room. There's more great stuff on Mattias' flickr & behance platforms too.


Alex Varanese has created a collection of fictitious ads as seen above, entitled 'ALT/1977'. The anachronistic series focuses on four common tech products of today; an mp3, a laptop, a mobile and a handheld video game system that have all been re-designed in true 70's style. 1977 to be precise.
The product re-designs are super and the headline copy is rather nice too.
Why would we want to play Atari today? Probably because of Pitfall! Dangerously addictive.
See the full set on behance here.

Best World Cup Viewing Venue

Wandering past that classy establishment that is Browns t'other day, my eye was taken by this rather fetching poster above the door. Now, they've obviously clocked that their trade are going to have football on their minds during the month of June and that the kick-off times might result in them losing some valuable business. It's great to see them taking the bull by the horns and showing that their football-crazy/titty-loving audience can get the best of both worlds. "Watch the World Cup with the dancers" is an absolutely corking headline. I love the sheer ridiculousness of it. It's also highly misleading. From this glorious piece of communication some poor soul could get the impression that a room full of buxom, scantily clad ladies are going to be watching the classic spectacle of something like New Zealand vs Paraguay alongside him.

ShamWow vs Enimem

No doubt you've all seen the famous ShamWow informercial. Personally, I have it on tape and watch it again and again into the night, whilst eating meat coated in cheese.

Well, the wily marketing man Mr Eminem has enlisted the inestimably charismatic and persuasive Vince to do this excellent commercial for his new album. Fun stuff.

Of course, here at Sell! Towers, we'll admit that we're no strangers to the dark art of the fake shonky informercial/commercial...

Sell! Sell! Makes It To Cannes?

We'll be in the Ark Royal, stop by for a drink and naval munitions

As our regular reader will know, we don't much care for the many advertising award schemes on the planet. So how the blazes have we made it to the Cannes Advertising Festival, the veritable crescent wank of advertising awards festivals? Well, the answer is, in typical Sell! Sell! fashion, a different way. In other words, our Straight8 entry Twelve Pies For Twelve Bridges has (amazingly) been selected as one of the eight Best Of An Ad Bunch films, to be shown on Friday 25th June at the Straight8 Cannes Advertising Festival screening. Thanks very much Straight8 people, you are most kind. Hmm, now to find a suitable vessel.

Bill Bernbach Said #16

The sixteenth in our series of Bill Bernbach quotes...

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

Lights on. Lights off.

We clapped eyes on this lovely stop frame video for a musical act/track we're not too familiar with, or actually know how to pronounce. Nonetheless it's quite beautiful, nicely directed and rather relaxing. Perfect for banishing any mid week stress. Tune in, zone out and surrender to the lights.

Bill Bernbach Said #15

The fifteenth in our series of Bill Bernbach quotes...

“Surely it is better to state our proposition with the kind of talent that will touch and move the reader and viewer than to bore them to death with the ordinary.”

Read yourself happy

A lovely little parcel arrived from the good people of YCN today. It's their latest issue of Ideas Illustrated 'The Happiness Issue', and that it is! Nice stories from Dave Trott and John Hegarty, neatly showcased illustrators, happy playlists from the likes of the smashing Rob Ryan and other illustrators at large, and documented route maps to walk yourself happy. Smiles all round here.
Thank you!