Best World Cup Viewing Venue

Wandering past that classy establishment that is Browns t'other day, my eye was taken by this rather fetching poster above the door. Now, they've obviously clocked that their trade are going to have football on their minds during the month of June and that the kick-off times might result in them losing some valuable business. It's great to see them taking the bull by the horns and showing that their football-crazy/titty-loving audience can get the best of both worlds. "Watch the World Cup with the dancers" is an absolutely corking headline. I love the sheer ridiculousness of it. It's also highly misleading. From this glorious piece of communication some poor soul could get the impression that a room full of buxom, scantily clad ladies are going to be watching the classic spectacle of something like New Zealand vs Paraguay alongside him.


  1. I'd like to be that poor soul. See you on friday ;-D

  2. The headline is misleading. I went to Browns once. The Blue Note wasn't open and the Apprentice (now the 333) 'wasn't serving ladies'. Happy to have found a place for a drink, i supped my tepid John Smiths and began watching a Celtic game on the big screen. Soon i was disturbed by an old lady collecting money in a pint pot for some charity or other. To my horror and surprise, within 5 minutes the screen and the celtic game had disappeared and was replaced by aforementioned old lady staggering about the stage removing her clothes like a zombie in Shaun of the Dead. My point is that this banner is misleading. Browns is neither a reliable place to watch the football nor (in my experience) do they have dancers there.


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