Inaction Man In Action

This is Inaction Man, an action figure we created to promote the lovely and very healthy folks at Nuffield Proactive Health. He comes in his own comfy armchair box with burger wallpaper, and has detachable burger and TV remote accessories. Inaction Man gets sent out to companies to create interest in the very excellent health and fitness services that Nuffield offer.
The first, most important goal of any kind of direct mailed piece is to not be immediately thrown in the bin, the second is to be interesting and compelling enough to be read, the third one is the tough one - getting actual responses. Happily, some recent results have shown that despite his sloth-like nature, Inaction Man has been 500% more effective at getting responses than Nuffield's previous efforts.
And that's the kind of action we like.

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  1. Inaction Man, a literary vagrant superhero, unrelated to the doll in all respects, can be found at
    It is regrettable that a bum superhero action figure is not available at this time, but until such a model of inactivity becomes available, Inaction Man backs the above plastercine model of inactivity.


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