The New 3G iPhone

The 3G iPhone has been unveiled by Apple. As expected it's an iPhone - but 3G. But what is so exiting about it is the potential. It feels like the first device that really could be a user friendly portable home for all sorts of interesting stuff. I think the user friendly-ness of it is what makes it so exciting - couple that with the potential of 3G and applications that could exploit both and the possibilities seem amazing. The first few applications shown in the keynote speech give an idea of what's to come. 3G phones are nothing new, nor are mobile applications, but iPhone brings a genuinely user-friendly interface to that party - and that's what makes it feel like something that everyone and anyone can get to grips with. And making it feel like a 'useful thing' and not 'a piece of technology' is what will make the difference I think. . Find out more here.

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