Keep filling up

Inspiration – everyone needs it. When you are at art school or university, or just growing up you are constantly being exposed to new ideas and new things, you might see loads of exhibitions, films, art, stuff. Sometimes what happens is when people start work, they are so concentrating on working hard on their projects and making a good impression that they forget to keep looking for new inspiration. Everyone needs to keep inspired. And I don't mean sitting-on-your-computer-looking-at-youtube. And I definitely don't mean 'inspiration' as in 'watching-something on youtube then doing it again but with a logo at the end'. I mean good old filling up your brain with interesting, exciting, provocative stuff. Go to galleries, exhibitions, see films, art, design, whatever. Don’t forget. Otherwise if you stop putting things in to your brain, the things that come out of it will start to get a lot less interesting.

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