Something good, something not so much

This is a new app for the iPhone created by BMB and Illusion Labs for Carling. It's like a virtual pint in your iPhone that uses the phone's built in accelerometer to make it move realistically. It looks like you have to play a pretty average-looking game to download it, but the virtual pint itself is really good. It's clear there are going to be loads of innovative and useful apps for the iPhone - this isn't an 'app' as such, in that it doesn't have a use other than entertainment, but it's a great piece of entertainment, it's bang on the product, and I can see loads of people doing this to show their mates. Spot on.

This is an ad that seems to be haunting me at the minute - it seems to be on every time I watch telly. And every time I see it, it irritates me. All this fuss about starting with a blank piece of paper, and creating this blank, white world to illustrate it - then they wheel out a car that looks like any other 4x4 on the market. Maybe the blank sheet of paper was very thin, and there was a picture of a Honda underneath it. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how clever the execution is, if the idea doesn't ring true to the product, people will see through it. People know when they are being bullshitted. Maybe there are some fancy crazy things about this car that would back up the big statement over and above its looks - but there is nothing in the advertising to suggest it. So on face value, it just looks like a big, fat lie.

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