Which advertising industry do you work in?

There are two advertising industries out there.

One where people enjoy the job they do and are inspired by it, where they see its value and try to do the very best job they can do for their clients. In this advertising industry people fight tooth and nail to get great ideas and get them out there, they are proud of what they do and know where it fits into society and commerce. They crucially know the point of what they are doing. An industry that respects the past but is moving with the times to improve. The people in this industry are inspired by the people around them and the challenges of their job, and they attack those challenges with enthusiasm and energy.

And then there's another advertising industry. In this one people despise what they do. They think clients get in the way of 'their creativity' Their main interest in the business is money. They chase awards, because awards (supposedly) bring them more money. They think what they do is pointless, apart from as a way of making money. They want to make little creative 'films' but if someone stops them, they complain, and blame them for making their work look bad. They treat their advertising industry as a system to be played, learn the ropes, play the game, work your way to more money. They avoid challenges, or 'difficult' briefs, and do what's fashionable, or currently perceived as 'cool' - that way they can win more awards. Ego rules, money talks and awards are the holy grail. The people in this second advertising industry are far more vociferous (probably because they are so angry), they put the people in the first ad industry down for being naive or idealistic, because it's impossible for them to understand.

Thankfully I and the people around me work in the first advertising industry. But it's scary to see just how many people seem to work in the second.

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