Poster Warfare on Old St.

On my way to work I walk past an old building with walls that are normally decorated in large bill posters advertising the latest music events and releases. Over the last week it seems that the powers that be have decided that this is an unwanted practice and made a concerted effort to decimate anything that gets posted up. A shame really as the posters are often colourful and interesting, not always great design but providing information and much better to look at than these brick walls. Some may argue that they cheapen the area or have a negative effect on their environment, but I beg to differ, they make the area feel alive and give it a pulse. They are not welcome everywhere but at a place like this I can’t see how they are a bad thing. I just hope the poster paster-uppers keep up the battle to give the people a rich tapestry of free art to brighten up their mornings.

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  1. And look how clean the posers have kept wall underneath - you think they would be grateful!


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