Terminal 5 is working - PART 2

A little update following Ryan's post from the other day about the Terminal 5 ads...

You know, sometimes it doesn't matter how hard you try.
Advertising cannot help you.

Yesterday in the London Lite, page 6...

Yesterday in the London Lite, front page...

Hmmm, might be better putting that advertising money into some extra help at the airport.


  1. image 1:
    Terminal *five* is working

    image 2:
    Lost baggage at terminal *three*

    might be worth looking at your evidence before making your case

  2. I am sure you're quite right about the detail.

    I scan read the story, and then saw the ad, much like any other member of public would.
    I think their take-out will be the same.

    The front page headline more than outweighs the ad,
    no matter how hard it might be working.

    Whether it's terminal 3 or 5 or whatever, the overall perception of the public is still that Heathrow and terminal 5 is a mess.

    Even *if* that's not actually the case.

    And unfortunately some print ads won't change perception while these headlines are still shrieking out from the front page.

    No matter how well-conceived those ads are.


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