Terminal 5 is working.

No really, it is.

After all the bad press the opening of Terminal 5 got, BA have felt the need to start a massive campaign to change the public perception of the new terminal with the help of BBH.

We had quite a lively debate about this in the studio yesterday morning. We agreed that it is a really tough brief and a massive challenge to make it work. Overall we have mixed views about the campaign, their honesty is good but are they trying too hard?

During a cab ride yesterday we seen the ‘digital advert’ it was more of the same really, documentary style photography and stats on their punctuality, but at the end they briefly used a time-lapse sequence to the show the airport over a period of hours.

We think they missed a trick here. That would have been a far better way of demonstrating that ‘Terminal 5 is working’. It might not have worked across their press advertising but for the digital stuff it would have been better.

For more on this check out the debate over at CR.


  1. is that the poster site at the building site for the aldgate tower? :)

  2. No, this poster site is along City Road approaching the Old Street roundabout.


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