Classic Sweets

This week we have a blast from the past.

Classic Sweets.

1. Cola Bottles

2. Millions

3. Pear Drops

4. Blackcurrant Liqorice

5. Midget Gems

It was a tough choice. Some other favourites that came close were giant strawberries, Everton mints, sherbert dips, kola kubes and bon bons.

Any other favourites we missed?

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  1. Rhubarb and Custards.

  2. Can't believe you missed off bon bons and what about chocolate limes? Five just isn't enough!

  3. Midget Gems are ace. They taste of washing up liquid. Grays Herbals are a favorite of mine.
    Hey didnt you used to have sweetsi in your till? I see a patern emerging.

  4. We did so, Mr h099.
    And we are going to reinstate them after a good sweet tip-off from our good friend Mr Squa.

  5. what make were the cola bottles, i used to have these and they were the best..Flat, unlike Haribo.
    Any ideas?


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