Le Cheapskates

Why do some advertisers insist on treating the good people of Britain like idiots? Renault is currently interrupting my telly-viewing with an ad that is badly overdubbed to the point of being insulting. And not in a funny way either.

At one point the English voice-over-actor-lady says "Shelby" as the French actress clearly mouths "Onions" (or something equally unlike Shelby in French).

It suggests to me that either...

1. Renault thinks its potential customers are idiots who will not notice.
2. Renault realises that its customers will notice, but doesn't care what they think.

Vaguely related - another ad for a Renault...


  1. Talking of thinking your public are idiots... like an idiot I sat and watched that Renault YouTube ad all the way through while thinking that, at any moment, something was going to happen. Oy.


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